Desktop Development

We provide a full range of services for automation and management of business processes using modern information technologies and software products.

Main types
of development

— Microservices development
— High-load systems development
— API development
— Native development
— CMS development
— Design of databases
— Integration with
external services
— Code Audit and Optimization

The software being developed not only optimizes and automates business processes, but also improves the control and validity of management solutions through operational monitoring of KPIs (key indicators), analytical processing of data and visualization of the interaction of business process participants.

Development area

Strategy and decision making

Production and logistics

Information system

Strategy and decision making

Production and logistics

Information system

Effective Client Data Management

Development of services for budgeting and financial accounting

Systems for monitoring and visualization of key performance indicators

Web applications for support and decision-making at any level

Systems for enterprise resource planning

Stock Accounting Systems

Control and Supply Accounting and Logistics Systems

Systems for technological effectiveness of production processes control

Large Data Set Control Systems

Acceptance and turnover of documents, data exchange

Systems for business processes and project activities management

Automation of routine processes


Understanding the process of development is essential for successful work . We not only provide our clients with data in a convenient form but also include them in the process itself.