CRM Implementation

Manage costomers and sales funnel. Unite all communications channels with customers: phone calls, letters, appeals via social networks, from the site through a web form, as well as payment and more.

What do we do?

  • Implementing
    box solutions
  • Creation, configuration and
    refinement of cloud solutions
  • Integration with the site,
    telephony, 1C
  • Refinement of solutions of any
  • Description of business processes
    according to the stages of
  • Technical support at every stage

Application Areas

Banks and finances
Automation of business processes. Automation
and increasing the efficiency of customer
interaction processes

Personalization of customer interactions aimed
at maintaining the most profitable
Sales of products and services
Analysis of related products
and forming sets

Customer recommendation systems

Minimization of operating and administrative
Gathering and structuring of large data sets for
the interpretation of financial indicators

Regular monitoring of ongoing financial

High-quality, comprehensive
workflow control
Industrial control: risk analysis, bandwidth data,
equipment status

Reducing financial costs for the automation of
production processes

Integration with many departments that
influence production processes


  • Gathering of available data
  • Drawing up technical requirement
  • Implementation

Description of the structure of the company, its size, functional assignments of departments, job descriptions, etc.

Description and creation of schemes business processes: main and supporting business processes, business development processes, business management processes

List of services provided or manufactured (supplied) products

Description of sources of applications, decision-making structures for the purchase, classification of customers

Description of marketing, sales and support models

Preparation of the described models and stages of interaction, sales funnel with visualization, necessary reports (plan-fact report, sales report for periods, various segmentations, etc.).

Website, marketing and sales channels, telephony, corporate mail and mailing service.

Description of steps in the format “stage -> description of the stage -> result of the stage”

Adding statuses, building a sales funnel, creating automation scripts, creating report templates, distributing access rights, adjusting the interface

Import current database and deals

Integration with services of communication channels, marketing and sales. For example, e-mail newsletters, lead catchers, call tracking, etc.


Understanding the process of development is essential for successful work . We not only provide our clients with data in a convenient form but also include them in the process itself.